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March Madness: Standing-Room-Only Speaking Gigs

March 25th, 2011 by

Content Marketing is hot. Really hot.

I enjoyed two trade-show speaking engagements this month: The Conversion Conference in San Francisco and Search Engine Strategies in N.Y. You can now download a condensed summary deck I call Content Marketing Work-flow Manifesto that I presented at both shows. Enjoy!

The Conversion Conference session was a solo, one-hour presentation, offering plenty of time to walk through the details and 71 slides in the deck. Yeah, I talk fast. The session was entitled “Content Distribution: Conversion Through Thought Leadership”—which was probably not right title, but it worked for the crowd. Groovy acid jazz music played from my laptop through the speakers as a new twist for my speaking gigs, offering a positive vibe and higher energy level—perhaps attracting new recruits that packed into the few chairs available for the standing-room-only session.

Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR was the co-speaker of the Search Engine Srategies session called “Developing Great Content in NY,” and we both enjoyed every minute of our presentation, offering some great advice for the audience. And yes, I made it through 71 slides, skipping only a few. A crowd gathered around us after the session, and 37 attendees were kind enough to pass on great feedback and to request a copy of the deck and a PDF version of my 101 Content Marketing Tips book after the session. They actually had to kick us off the stage and request we take the conversations in the hallway.

Below are a few shots of the left and right side of the standing-room-only presentation in NY.


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