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Optimization in 140 Characters or Less

January 31st, 2014 by

website content optimizationNovice internet marketers recognize how useful social media can be to increase web traffic and build an online presence. Social media can be a standalone service to gain followers or it can be a connection to a business’s website to increase website content optimization, in fact you can accomplish more than utilizing them separately. Learn more about how you can use social media as a method to improve your website content optimization and get ready to experience some amazing website results.

Create Content with Social Media in Mind

When you post a blog, article or anything else on your webpage, you put a lot of thought into how it will look on your website. But how about optimizing it for social media? Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to optimize for all platforms because each platform is designed for a slightly different post. As an experiment, use your social media buttons and share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media sites on which you participate. How does the post look? There are tweaks you can do, either by hand or with a tool, to help your posts look better when they are shared. Pinterest relies on a good quality picture, Twitter posts get better results from an attractive URL, etc. Luckily, there is plenty of information and even tools out there that can make it easier to optimize your content for sharing across all the major social media platforms.

Use Social Media to Generate Content

When you are looking for new ways to create content–particularly content that is keyword and topic optimized–look no further than social media. Those Facebook and Twitter posts are a great start to content marketing–and you already know how engaging the topic will be based on the social media results. Additionally, it’s a great way to get “user-generated content.” Use social media networks to get your customers and visitors to post a review, answer a survey or tell a story and then use this content (with permission) on your webpage for easy content. If you are active on social media sites, you will find that content ideas are easy to find, and the pieces all but write themselves. With the help of a talented content writer, you can turn these ideas into posts that will drive traffic now and later.

Instead of treating social media as an island unto itself, remember that it is simply an extension of your content marketing plan. Therefore it is possible to use social media as part of your overall optimization strategy–even if you only have 140 characters to do so!

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