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Web Content Marketing & The PR Evolution

September 21st, 2009 by
PR 2.0: Via www.BrianSolis.com

PR 2.0: Via BrianSolis.com

Want to be a part of an industry that is facing a lot of change? Try public relations (or PR, if you prefer).

Back in the “old days” (like about seven years ago), the big focus in PR was classic media relations. If you wanted your message to be heard and seen by the public, you needed to find a way to get newspapers, magazines, TV and / or radio to cover it. PR practitioners were by and large at the mercy of the media when it came to their success. Even if you had a clever idea and pitched it beautifully – if the editor was unimpressed or deemed other stories to have more importance – you were SOL. It was (and is) a tough industry.

The web, particularly Web 2.0 (the shift in which people went from simply reading what was on the web to contributing to what was on the web), busted open the doors for PRs. With web content marketing tools at their disposal, companies now have more options they can directly use to put messages in front of eyeballs such as:

  • Online new wire services, like PRWeb, can instantly transmit a news release to the web so that it shows up on search engine news feeds
  • Web content strategies like SEO to give homepages or blog-based announcements some added punch
  • Social media like Twitter and Facebook can be used to spread the word
  • Engaging online content has the potential to go viral when placed on sites like YouTube or SlideShare.

(and as a content marketing company, these are all things ideaLaunch can help you with!)

What’s more, “classic” media relations and the media are still incredibly important. After all, when a news organization or third party covers something, it offers a sense of unbiased credibility to a story – and this is what makes PR often more “valuable” than advertising in the eyes of clients. Plus, there’s the bragging rights – seeing your name or brand in a magazine is, well, exciting! Unless, of course, it’s not the kind of publicity you’re seeking – like the kind starlets get when they exit a vehicle sans underroos (you’ll note I’m not linking to examples of that). However, what’s changed is that modern news media is under incredible pressure to deliver full stories faster and faster like never before – so the PR practitioner also has to be faster and more proactive now. Does the editor need more images, an interview or downloadable content? You better have that ready and off to them in an instant.

The evolution for PR doesn’t stop there – who the media is is changing. The goal for a PR practitioner or company looking for publicity is audience capture – and the truth of the matter is, some websites and bloggers pull more audiences than some classic media outlets. Now corporate communicators are also dealing with influential decision makers (editors, owners and writers of online media) that operate differently than the classical media decision makers they’re used to. Our recent blog posts about the right way to comment on websites and blogs vs. the wrong way to comment on websites and blogs are just a few examples of what modern PRs now have to think about.

For some in the industry, this shift has been exciting – it’s new territory and an opportunity for companies and individuals to make names for themselves. For others, it’s been terrifying. It’s a whole new ballgame and the field isn’t fully lit.

Regardless if you’re pumped or petrified, if you’re in or interested in the industry, learn more about it. There are some great PRs out there who are really leading the charge of “The New PR” – like Todd Defren of PR Squared and Brian Solis of PR 2.0. And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t plug ourselves. As a web content marketing company, we understand and deliver on strategies that straddle the world of PR and marketing everyday for our clients.

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