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Proximity and Expertise

March 4th, 2014 by

Never !Speaking of patterns, correlations and making connections between cause and results,  I’m with Seth Godin  recent post that talks about things we never do, with proximity and expertise in mind. Great post.

Here’s my list that’s inspired by Seth so you can get the idea:

— East sushi at the Cleveland airport (See my Facebook post on the faster burger ever eaten)

— Ask taxi cab drivers for the best restraunt in town

— Do business with anyone that cold calls me at home or on my cell phone.

— Eat macadamia nuts except when I’m visiting Hawaii (On Seth’s list as well, but in hotel rooms)

— Call my son that’s in college on a Friday or Saturday night

— Ask a friend that’s visiting to help move a heavy piece of furniture

Why do I NEVER do these things? It’s like the never switch flips on, stopping us in our tracks. Lessons learned perhaps, or good judgement might offer some clues.

The danger is confusing proximity with expertise, Seth notes  It’s not the proximity of the sushi restraunts that triggers the never decision. Instead it’s the perceived quality, or expertise of that notion, that drives the decision.

When it comes to never, Seth has it right: it’s expertise, with a splash of proximity.


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