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My Purple Golf Shoes– Yikes!

March 7th, 2014 by

purple shoes
We all know that mass marketing, mass advertising and mass production are on the way out. The new marketing is all about my needs and my thirst for knowledge, aligned with products and services designed specifically around my needs and knowledge base.

One size does not fit all. Instead we all need different shapes, colors and sizes for products and services.

All that became perfectly clear to me a few weeks ago, with the delivery of one of my Christmas gifts—a custom pair of MyJoys golf shoes by Footjoy.

The experience of designing the shoes was a lot of fun. I spent hours reviewing all the patterns, shapes and configuration options. The goal was to stand out from the pack.  Push creativity and customization to the limit.  Go where no golf man had ever gone before. Be the guy that takes My Joys creativity to the next level.

You’re looking at them now. Crazy. I was as shocked as you are. At first I thought there might be a mistake. Nope, that’s exactly what I ordered. What was I thinking?

In pushing the creativity to the limit, I focused on the shoe design, not wearing the shoe on the course. As it turns out, I don’t own any shirts, pants or accessories that are purple, or match purple well. I came out too hot. Too big for my britches, as my Texas grandmother used to say.

As we all migrate towards personalization and customization, we might not want to ignore the needs of the masses, and lack of knowledge they have to design products and services they’ll be stuck with should things go amiss.

As for me, I’ll be sporting lots of new black pants, shorts, hats and shirts this year to match up with my purple Joys.


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