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SEO After the Google Blackout

January 8th, 2014 by

content marketing agenciesFor those of you that don’t already know, Google changed it’s search engine algorithm substantially in September. This algorithm change was based on a desire to increase search security for Google users, stop providing keyword data to limit SEO practices, and increase personal search results for different users. This process started in 2010 and ever since its announcement content marketing agencies have adjusted their practices to continue to generate keyword data, continue organic growth, and continue successful SEO campaigns.

New Ways of Doing Old Things

While Google generates far more traffic than any other search engine (as of October, it had 66.9 percent market share for US users), Bing and Yahoo continue to report keyword data. They both can be valuable sources in determining popular keyword to focus your content marketing campaigns on. Keywords through Bing and Yahoo are likely to be popular search terms on Google as well.

Webmaster Tools still provide search data, though its availability has been spotty. Webmaster Tools have some limitations, including a relatively short 90-day history and limited options for drilling down. Nevertheless, it’s one of the few sources that remains available for actual keyword data for your site.

You can also use AdWords for keyword testing. This service does require purchasing the rights to AdWords, but the results, when applied correctly, can result in successful, organic marketing campaigns. The search volume tracking tools in Ad Planner won’t give you specific data for your site, but they will let you know which keywords are worth your focus. In the same vein, you can also tweak your Google Analytics system to track which landing pages are more popular so that you can see what parts of your site are the most effective.

Most content marketing agencies are familiar with all of these methods and can utilize these services masterfully to generate content necessary for your business. While it may seem like you can generate this data on your own, content marketing agencies can develop these campaigns while saving you time and generating more successful growth.

An Old Way of Dealing With the New World

Coupled with the recent release of the Google Hummingbird search algorithm, the Google keyword blackout is driving toward one unifying principle. You need to have your content marketing agency create great content for your website. The keyword data now available lets you know what your users generally want to see, but makes it harder to create finely tuned pages. At the same time, the advances in the Hummingbird algorithm help Google find real content that serves the user’s needs rather than just focusing on identifying keyword strings.

Great content isn’t just an SEO tool; great content can increase user engagement once they get to your site. It’s more likely to be shared via email or social media, and it both builds your brand with the viewer and creates incentive to return to your site. Focusing on content instead of keywords ultimately creates relationships that drive sales rather than just driving traffic.

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