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Social Since the Dawn of Time

February 26th, 2014 by

social mediaThe canvas for creativity, productivity and ingenuity is massive and quite possibly infinite in scope.

And make no mistake– none of this would be true without advanced technology that opens doors in ways that even the greatest minds and visionaries of the world could not have imagined years ago.

But there is another edge to the technology sword– Distractions.




You have mail.

You have messages.

Workflow alerts.

Your meeting is in 10 minutes….

The big problem is that we just can’t get enough of each other.

Great philosophical minds have argued that since the dawn of time, humans have been in an almost desperate need for constant connection and stimulation. It’s just never been possible to fully exercise the connections, until now.

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Foursquare. And many more, all providing instant connection around the clock, squeezing us for time. The time that we all need to work our magic, do our jobs and live productive lives.

Technology is exciting. Unfortunately we have not yet learned how to say no to technology, which is a problem.  That part of the brain that creates the big ideas really hates all these distractions. We need to “unplug” to protect the brains ability to keep the ideas going.

I like Arianna Huffington’s unplugged rule, declared in her keynote address at Hubspot’s Inbound 2013. No technology allowed in the bedroom. That makes a lot of sense, for a lot of reasons.

When do you shut down?  Do you ever unplug?


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