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Stand Out from the Crowd

April 2nd, 2014 by

Sourcing Talent from the Crowd

When Wired Magazine coined the phrase “crowd sourcing” back in 2006, business plans surfaced and startups launched overnight. Thanks Wired, but the name you chose might be hurting the growth of the business.

The concept was simple: in a networked world, any task can be performed by skilled talent, at an agreed upon price. Notice the words: Skilled. Talent. Task.  “Crowd Sourcing” does have these important connotations.

Jeff How, author of CrowdSourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business, is a big time thought leader in the field, and contributing editor to Wired. “The crowd is hungry for work, and the disruption is only getting started,” Jeff wrote in a Wired article in May of 2013.

At WriterAccess, you could say we’re a crowd souring type of business. We have a pool of talented writers, all screened, US-based professionals. And we have 7,500 customers who can choose to send writing assignments to either writers on their Love List, or writers in the “crowd” who pick up the orders first-come, first-served.

But I would never use “crowd sourcing” to define the WriterAccess business. Quite the opposite. We think of ourselves as more of a boutique marketplace to find highly skilled writers who are paid well for their talent and expertise, delivering the quality customers demand for their investment. Crowd sourcing may be used to find the best writers who are then picked for future assignments. But it’s really all about standing out from the crowd.

In many ways, I wish that Wired would have named crowd sourcing something different, like talent sourcing or task sourcing or skill sourcing. Perhaps the industry would grow even faster with a better name.

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