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Take the Bore out of Boring – Content Marketing for a “Boring” Topic

December 4th, 2013 by

content marketingContent marketing is the art of improving your website’s online presence. There are a variety of different methods used for content marketing, from social media posts to keyword optimization, but one of the most successful methods of content marketing is blogging. Blogs provide a medium to present quality content that provides useful information to consumers. In fact, blogging is so useful that according to a 2012 Hubspot report 57% of companies that blog have gained customers because of it.

Unfortunately, blogging does not seem to be an even playing field. Trendy websites focusing on technology or other fun industries can create blogs with interesting content easily. However, less popular industries struggle to create engaging content to a widespread audience. If you sell widgets, repair gadgets or offer consultation regarding a whatchamacallit, you may feel like you could never be a successful content blogger. Before you give up on blogging, consider these tips that can help you in your quest to create fascinating blogs about seemingly boring topics.

Answer Questions that Need Answering

Do you regularly get emails about a certain aspect of your business? If not, look on a site like Yahoo Answers and see what questions people are asking about your industry. Create blog posts offering quality answers to frequently asked questions on your industry’s online forums.

Put Yourself into the Post

Show your personality, tell a personal story, use quotes from popular media or even use sarcasm to present information in a post. Showing your personality, no matter what the topic, will help you better connect with your audience and increase readership.

Encourage Engagement

If you can write your post in a way that encourages interaction–i.e. commenting, sharing, etc.–then you will not only get a better response for this post, but you will get ideas for future posts.

Use Interviews

An interview with someone in your company or involved in your industry is always a good way to create excitement. This has the added benefit of showing your blog as a credible source–other writers may wish to use your interview as research material.

Using these techniques you can create interesting blog posts in any industry. Once you get started, you should quickly realize that content creation is actually a lot of fun and a great way to connect with customers and others in your industry. With some creativity in choosing your angle, there is no topic that is “too boring” for blogging!

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