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The Dog’s Guide to Content Marketing

March 6th, 2014 by

dog in glasses
I love dogs. All dogs. Sure, famous dogs are cool, like Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Benji– but mutts and adopted dogs are equally as cool, maybe even cooler.

We all have our favorites. Mine was very special. I did not name Happy, but the name was perfect,  for lots of reasons. He arrived in a crate from Texas when I was about 12.

The trip was taxing on us all, as he did not arrive as scheduled, finally tracked down and delivered to the right city and home.

Instantly upon letting him out of the cage, we witnessed his remarkable quality. He actually smiled when he greeted us with great excitement. Teeth showing. Lips pulled up. Tail wagging like a helicopter propeller.

And his smile was infectious. I smiled. Everyone smiled. And the smiles did not stop. I’d come home from school and be greeted with the same smile. Every. Single. Day.

Content marketing is all about learning about the wants and needs of customers, and delivering what they need when they need it. Happy was capable of this concept and rationale, in his own way.

His smiles were daily, delivered exactly when I needed them, right to the end. Best of all, even though he’s long gone from this earth, his smile still makes me smile.  That’s the test of content marketing as well—great content lives on well after you visit the page.

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