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The Marketing Value of Guest Posting

July 6th, 2012 by

Driving traffic to your website is the goal of any good writer. You want people to see your work. More exposure usually means a greater number of clients looking to hire your services. Guest blog posts offer an excellent avenue for marketing your own website or blog. Through guest posting, you can get your name out there so much easier than limiting yourself to your own blog and website.

The marketing value of guest posting is limitless if you approach it correctly. There are several tangible benefits to turning guest posts into your own personal content marketing vehicle:

Quality Traffic

Guest posting on other blogs is great source of building new traffic to your site. Each guest post should be designed to generate hundreds or thousands of unique visitors each week. You can do this by writing fresh and original content readers will find compelling. If they enjoy reading your guest post, they will feel compelled to click on your author bio and follow you back to your website or blog. This opens door for a new source of blog subscribers and new clients who will want you to produce content for them.


Clients can’t beat down your door unless they know you are out there. Guest posting on popular blogs within your niche or industry affords you valuable exposure. These blogs offer established credibility with blog readers. Posting on such a blog will naturally draw more readers for your content than simply putting it on your own blog or website. You can use secondary keywords and other backlinks within your guest blog that will help draw a portion of those readers back to your own blog or website. A backlink on a popular blog is much more valuable than a backlink from a low-ranking blog.


Guest posting affords you a chance to network with others within your industry and niche. You can build up contacts, get valuable feedback and use it to refine your product. It also offers a chance to interact readers and followers of your target blogs. As with social media networks, blogs that generate a high volume of traffic represent a chance for interaction with potential clients. You can craft guest posts that spark their interest, answer their questions and address their needs.


Writing a guest post on an established blog instantly builds credibility for you as an expert within a certain niche or industry. People who follow that blog with recognize you as a subject matter expert. If you establish yourself as an authority, it offers an instant boost to your brand. You will find yourself in demand to write other guest posts and take on a how of new clients for your content writing and content marketing services.

One rule to remember with guest posting is to keep the quality of guest posts consistent with the quality of your own blog or website. If you do not put equal effort into making your own site or blog match the level of guest posts, it can do more harm than good for building your brand.

John C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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