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The Perfect Ideation Spot

March 2nd, 2014 by

BW basementDo you have an odd place, weird location and/or favorite place where the creative ideas flow fast and furious?

I’m convinced that creative people have their favorite spots.  What’s yours?

The quiet room in the library?

Your office with the doors closed?

Your conference room with the white board, after hours?

The booth near the window at a local diner?

The third stool from the left at a local bar?

These places exist for creative types, I’m sure.

I’m in my spot now, down in the basement of our home.  And it’s a time-sensitive spot, Sunday mornings are best.  I crank up the tunes and crank out the blog posts or develop the campaign. The inspiration comes from a few places.  Thin air. Old magazines. Surfing the web.  Image libraries. To thrum up some creative energy between posts or campaigns, I might stroll out to the back yard for some fresh air.  Or work on my golf putting for a few minutes.

Sure, there might be better spots for work and ideation. Like a big tree in the back yard with a spectacular view of the city. Or an ocean view at sunset or sunrise to start the day. The point is to have a spot. Some spot. Where it all comes together for you.

Where is your spot for ideation?  Or perhaps I have this all wrong. Perhaps Ideation has no connection to places, people or things…

Hmmmm. That gets me thinking.  Ok, on to the next post, after I sink 10 putts in a row.

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