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The Welcome Mat: Why Your Landing Page Matters

May 15th, 2013 by

Your landing page is the swiss army knife of the marketing world – it encourages customers to explore your site and discourages competitors from chasing a slice of your market share. It 165478371also tells vendors that you’re serious about what you do, as well as enticing search engines to hand over better rankings. This single powerful page of coding, content and aesthetic design can literally make or break your business, which is why optimization experts know that putting your best digital foot forward is vital. Here are a few landing page optimization tips that will help your site get on top and stay on top:

A Little Curb Appeal

When customers give you a moment of their time by glancing at your site, give them something to look at. Content is key – without a concise, well-worded piece of content that has appropriate keyword density, both your customers and search engines will pass up your site. Too short, and you’ll give the impression that you don’t have a lot of substance – too long, and customers will grow bored and click away. Additionally, as the Grammar Chic blog explains, visitors that arrive to little more than an aggressive sales pitch won’t just walk away, they’ll walk away angry. Naturally, that’s not a good way to encourage repeat business.

Street Signs, Simplified

Once customers have found their way to your house, they need to know how to find your yard. Keep the front door visible by using a clean, familiar format and keep your content and navigation easy to find. Browsers will be more inclined to pay a visit to your competitors if a site looks or feels overly complicated. If you aren’t sure how an average user will perceive your site, don’t be afraid to enlist friends or family as guinea pigs and ask them for frank opinions and suggestions on your site setup. Keep it simple and focused, as well: Tripwire Magazine notes that placing links or content that won’t move conversion forward on a landing page will divert otherwise solid motivation in your customers.

Know Your Neighborhood

In addition to making sure your site properly positioned – a mansion wouldn’t fit smoothly alongside single bedroom apartments – make sure you clearly define it to appeal to your desired demographic sections. It’s especially important to consider your target market when creating your landing page. If customers primarily access your site through mobile phones, for instance, a flash intro piece with heavy bandwidth demands wouldn’t be a good choice. Alternately, if metrics tell you that the bulk of your users access your site from home and use high-definition monitors, a low-tech approach won’t go over very well.

If you keep these landing page optimization tips in mind as you create and maintain your site’s “welcome mat,” you’ll experience better connection and cohesion with your customer base. This will, in turn, lead to more sales, more word of mouth referrals and more repeat business as time goes on. With only a minimal amount of effort and thought, you can provide your customers with a introductory experience that will encourage them to explore and remain loyal to your brand. Not too bad for a humble welcome mat!

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