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There is No Plan B

February 20th, 2014 by

I know what you’re thinking… there has to be a Plan B.

I interviewed a developer recently. Smart guy. Trapeze artist on the side. I asked him why any trapeze artist in their right mind would work without a net. He said that it would make you less focused. Less determined.

If you fall with a net, you bounce up. You live another day. But take the net away, and suddenly every move, every decision, every thought, is on the edge. Plan A, you succeed. Plan B, very bad.

What is your plan in 5 years from now? I ask EVERY person I interview this question. I find that if someone knows what they want in 5 years from now, and I can help them achieve that goal, then we have a match that’s perfect, so the stars align.

We need to go for our Plan A’s.  Or find a way for Plan B to become Plan A.

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