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Thinking outside of the box with content marketing firms

January 6th, 2014 by

content marketing firmsContent marketing is a competitive industry; one needs to adapt to the next style of marketing or end up washed up in the jumble of internet content. Every business needs to learn its marketing niche, find a way to advertise to a wider audience, get noticed, and create quality content. The safest method of doing this is by working with an avant-gardeĀ content marketing firm that can adjust marketing methods on the fly and approach marketing content creatively.

Hiring a content marketing firm gives small businesses access to trained writers in the content marketing industry. These writers understand a company’s culture and views the company from a consumer’s perspective. That means they can generate content that customers can connect to and trust. While business owners and employees can successfully create content and develop marketing campaigns, they simply cannot see their business from the outside; content writers can. These writers can create unique advertising methods to help a business grow.

Businesses with content from the customer’s perspective humanizes a business and improves customer retention. They keep customers invested in a business. The question that remains is how? How do content marketing firms help businesses target niche customer market spaces?

Solve Problems

Content marketing firms identify flaws in a business’s marketing campaigns. They conduct customer research in different markets to identify how to maximize a campaign’s success. Since they aren’t an internal part of a company, they have access to seeing the business from the customer’s viewpoint. This perception of the business is accompanied with a work request. For example: Company X needs to generate more clickable blog posts. Through a review of the public facing blog, without the contextual knowledge of knowing why it was written, firms can efficiently identify the missing “clickable” components.

Relevance vs. Traffic

When a content marketing firm is hired to increase SEO results they possess a bird’s eye view of the problem. They start with a high-level, broad-based search; from there, they narrow its field of vision (think hawk dive-bombing prey) until they find which keywords match a business, and where they are lacking in advertising. This type of approach allows them to think outside of the box in terms of query options. They can better see what is SEO relevant on the website and what information is needed to increase website traffic.

The true reason behind the success of a content marketing firm is the writer’s ability to simultaneously become both customer and employee. When faced with a marketing problem a company’s internal employees have a hard time stepping into the shoes of their customers; this is due to their knowledge of internal company affairs. Content marketing firms’ bird’s eye view accompanied with their competitive dog eat dog mentality allow them to target niche market spaces by looking from the outside-in and thinking outside of the box.

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