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To Share or Not to Share

July 26th, 2013 by

To Share or Not to ShareThere are more ways than ever to share information online. If you blog professionally, or have someone creating content for your business page, you may feel the urge to share every post in any way that you possibly can. Unfortunately, this is time consuming—even if you use a service to manage your social networking posts. Besides the fact that doing all this sharing takes away from the time you could devote to creating more content or dealing with other aspects of your business, there can be other reasons why you may not want to click that “share” button every time you add something to the page. Learn more about some of the potential drawbacks to sharing and then you can decide whether “to share or not to share.”

Don’t Chase Away Your Audience

It is always fulfilling to see the number of followers grow on your favorite social networks. However, remember that every time you share something, each of these people will see it. This may seem obvious, and like that is exactly what you want. However, think about it from your follower’s perspective. Your follower may want to hear about the biggest news from your firm, or get a link to the witty posts on your blog; however, does he or she need to see a Facebook post reminding them you exist every day. A major problem can occur when you use multiple social media services, and someone follows you on all these services. Make sure you are not posting the exact same thing on every network—or even worse, tweeting to let your followers know you just made a Facebook post. This can turn into an especially annoying problem for your social media audience. The Social Bakers blog recommends not posting more than once per day, for most brands.

Don’t Lose Control

When you post your content on social media, you can quickly lose control of your content. If you have a controversial post on your blog, you can control which comments you let go through. However, once the post hits social media—all bets are off. While you can never keep someone else from sharing your pages on a social media site, on certain posts you may not want to encourage the social media snowball effect. Remember that ultimately you want to retain some semblance of control over your page and your “brand.” At times, it may make sense to avoid clicking that share button.

As you can see, there really are a number of things you need to consider before you tweet, pin or share that post. However, the main reason you may want to tone down your sharing is that the time you spend on social media may not actually pay off in terms of boosting your audience. Spend some time on content analytics and find out if sharing really pays off—or if you are wasting your time and alienating your audience.

Tracy S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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