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Top 5 B2B Social Media Marketing Tips for 2014

November 24th, 2013 by

b2b social media marketingIf you aren’t using social media for your B2B marketing, you are among the dwindling 14% who have yet to harness the amazing power of social networking. If you find yourself on the outside looking in, it’s never too late for you to begin your B2B social media marketing campaign. As a matter of fact, 2014 is poised to be all about social media marketing, which makes now the optimum time to get on board. If you are wondering where to start, you should read the Top 5 B2B Social Media Marketing Tips for 2014 featured below.

  1. Social Media Will No Longer Be An Option in 2014
    • The importance of social media has never been a secret to marketers. Yet, several businesses have been reluctant to join the social media wave. Because of the undeniable benefits of social media marketing, companies have already began to hire full time social media managers and social media strategists instead of simply letting employees handle the task. As one of three pillars of SEO, B2B social media marketing offers the following benefits:
      • More customer trust and loyalty
      • Increased advertising by word of mouth
      • Bolstered communication of company brand
      • Amplified customer and audience reach
  2. Business Will Rely More on LinkedIn
    • According to an Investis IQ Research Study, 64% of all the visits to corporate website came from LinkedIn. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering LinkedIn is the only social network specifically designed for professional networking. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for finding employment, hiring employees, advertising your business, and connecting to valuable corporate peers.
  3. Google + Becomes Even More Significant
    • Google + has made significant progress in becoming a significant social media network, and it doesn’t look as if it will slow down any time soon. With significant SEO value, Google + offers ranking value for posts made on the platform.
    • According to the Global Web Index’s Social Steam Report, Google + has made 225% increase in users ages 35-44, which is the target age range for decision makers.
    • Google Hangouts makes product demonstrations, business meetings, trade shows, and several other B2B applications a simple click on the Google + platform.
  4. Content Remains King
    • In the world of marketing, content has always reigned supreme, and it’s not changing in 2014. More so, B2B social media marketing has made marketing focus on quality content. According to the B2B State of Content Marketing study, 58% of marketers are looking to increase their budget for content marketing in 2014. This refocusing on content reiterates the fact that businesses love valuable content just as much as consumers.
  5. An Image is Worth a Thousand Words

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