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Turning Dirt Into Content Marketing Gold

March 17th, 2015 by

dirt into gold

Let’s face it. Most B2B companies get stuck in product or service speak with white papers, case studies and data sheets that seem “necessary” to sell services and drive revenue. “Doesn’t everybody want to hear how great our products and services are?” is the common theme.


The challenge is how to gut the gadget speak and start creating content that engages readers and keeps them coming back for more.


There are countless stories on how companies have made this transition successfully, but here’s one that should inspire.


Let’s say your company sells gadgets to businesses that make business life better.  Ever heard of Neodymium? Dysprosium? Lutetium? Yttrium crystals?  If you sold products like speakers, hybrid cars or PET scans, or just about anything electronic, you certainly would know these metals. Look to Keith Veronese author of Rare: The High-Stakes Race to Satisfy Our Need for the Scarcest Metals On Earth and contributing writer at Wired for the full story.


Keith serves up an incredible story about our dependence on these refined rare metals that power-up the gadgets and gizmo’s we use everyday. Global supplies, as it turns out, are unevenly distributed throughout the earth. China controls more than 95% of the worlds exports, and hosts the Bayan Obo rare metal deposit, the largest in the world. Options for tapping new supplies are limited, often mired in a political game. But options are opening up , like in Greenland where you’ll find the Kvanefjeld deposit below a 1.5-mile thick sheet of ice that covers most of the country.


So lets say you were the Chief Revenue Officer for an electric battery manufacturer. Would you see the opportunity to share this story with your prospect customers and align your brand with deeper knowledge that offers value and insight?


Most of us would probably give it a go, as we’re drinking the content marketing Kool Aid. The challenge becomes attributing revenue to great content, and turning that story on dirt into gold. Strangely, that’s the easy part, just come to Content Marketing Conference to see lots of attribution stories worth sharing.


Keep digging for gold…. You’ll find it everywhere!


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