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Turning your Talents to Online Video Marketing

March 27th, 2012 by

In a report released in December 2010, “Forbes” magazine reported that given a choice of an online video or text on the same page, 59 percent of senior level executive would watch the video first. The report offered a few other statistics that could be concerning for freelance content writers. For example:

  • 30 percent of senior executives under the age of 30 prefer video to text for getting business information
  • 85 percent of senior executives in all age groups watch more business-related video than they did a year ago
  • 65 percent visited a vendor’s website after viewing a video and 42 percent made a business-related purchase

That last figure is an eye opener for anyone familiar with article marketing, where 20 percent is an average click-through rate and 45 percent is reserved for the best article you’ve ever written. It should be a red flag for content writers – a big, red, waving opportunity flag. Make no mistake about it – the rising popularity of online video marketing represents huge new opportunities for online content marketers and content writers. In order to take advantage of it, though, you’ll need to adapt the skills you have and learn a few new skills.

Good Writing is Good Writing …

… and good writing sells. You just have to readjust your concept of “writing” to fit a changing marketing landscape. For example, every marketing video needs a script. Bone up on the concepts behind creating marketing videos to make yourself more marketable as a writer.

Get to Know the Tools of the Trade

Get familiar with the tools of the trade. Learn how to use Camtasia, Camstudio or another screen capture utility and you’ll immediately increase the types of assignments you can accept.

Dig Into New Resources

Music and sound makes your videos more interesting and engaging. Check out Incompetech for free music and SmartSound for customizable music clips that can make even your first video marketing attempts sound great.

Get to Know the Distribution Channels

Which social media site holds the top spot for video sharing? If you guessed YouTube, you’d only be half right. YouTube hosts the most video content, but more people share video on Facebook. Even better, viewers on Facebook are more likely to watch your video all the way through. Stay current with the best video distribution channels to market your skills more effectively.

Learn Video Search Engine Optimization

There’s more to online video marketing than creating a video and posting it on YouTube and that’s where content writers can really shine. Optimizing video landing pages and videos is a relatively new and still-evolving art. Video descriptions, transcripts and introductions can all be optimized. In addition, many video distribution sites are developing more tools you can use to optimize online videos, including innovations like clickable overlays to increase the effectiveness of calls to action, captions and annotations.

Video didn’t kill the radio star. It just opened more avenues for music distribution. Likewise, online video marketing will only serve to open new markets for those content writers who adapt to the changing market for their skills.

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