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Twitter here. Facebook there. Creative where?

February 28th, 2014 by

wtfThere’s an app for that.  And that.

It seems like we’re in a zone where creativity has lost it’s relevance:

Analytics over intuition.

Numbers over poetry.

Likes over loves of your life.

Geocaching over creative coaching.

You get the drift.

What is the cost of all this technology that practically thinks for itself? Are we all thinking less and less?

Marketing years ago was an art form.  Great stories were told.  We made people laugh and cry. And we actually made people feel something. We did all that with our heart, fueled by really good ideas with deep truth and insight.

Then we invited scientist and technologist to the content marketing party. Look what this can do. Is that cool or what? This gets better results, backed by AB and multivariate testing that selects the winner. Oh, and your campaign is a loser.

My grandmother from Texas had it right: Cool got too cool for its britches. Ideas? Thinking? Feeling? Who needs that when you have a bunch of servers, access to cheap content producers, and instant fans and friends telling you you’re cool?

The problem is not technology. Not the internet.  Not tools or apps. It’s us. We got lazy. We stopped thinking.  We stopped generating ideas, and socializing the best of the best with the people that matter. The people we trust.  The people that help us be better all the time.

The good news is we can get through this new sea of technology that’s changing how we work, and how we think. Comic books were accused of turning juveniles into delinquents in the 1950’s. Crime in fact fell to record lows. Video games, television, radio and rock videos did not rot our minds as some suggested they might. In fact IQ scores went up during the info revolution. New visual acuity and abstract problem solving skills developed during that time of communication advancement.

All that sounds encouraging, but one more observation to keep us on our toes. In today’s fast-paced technology centered world, overall intelligence here in the states seems to be on a big decline.  Verbal skills, vocabulary, memorization, arithmetic and critical reading skills are not keeping up with global standards.

WTF sums it up; some of our new social language may be setting us back.

So lets right the ship and use technology creatively. And not let technology detract from our creativity, and communication skills—both essential for success.

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