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Using Links in Your Content Articles

February 14th, 2014 by

Adding Links to ArticlesAs your company produces valuable content for your viewers, you will encounter many occasions when outside sources are (and should be) called on for additional authoritative insight. Using the right outside sources shows your brand is backed by other professionals, is well connected in the industry and helps with SEO ranking. Choosing to properly link each source may seem counterproductive, but is important for keeping your viewers informed and improving SEO rankings.

Choosing Valuable Sources

First, consider where you are getting your source from; you should not cite competitors, but you should cite relevant authorities and noncompetitive sites of value for your customers. For example: one bakery probably wouldn’t benefit from pointing to another bakery in an article, but they would prove leadership by pointing to a relevant FDA article and they would show value by pointing to a party shop website or other relevant, but not competitive, company. Choose your sources wisely.

Will They Leave?

Don’t be concerned that your viewers will leave without returning—be concerned that your content is so good they will come back looking for more. Links to cite your sources will show your clients that they can get a wealth of information from you. Viewers are looking for information, not simply one company’s opinion. More than likely they will leave if your articles are poorly written or not backed up.

Boosting SEO: Using Outbound Links

According to a helpful article published by Hochman Consultants on using outbound links:

Links are what makes the Web special, but if your site has no outbound links, it’s a dead end. People generally don’t like dead ends and won’t send them much traffic. When you have no outbound links, the search engines may consider your site to be an inferior resource. They’re trying to recommend good sites, so if they do their job correctly, they’ll see things the same way human visitors do.

Internal Linking

Of course, just as it is valuable to point your viewers to sources outside of your company, you should also be pointing them internally. Have you published a related article that could add relevant information? Link it! By also pointing your visitors to other parts of your site you will help them explore the insightful information you have to offer.

The Time it Takes

Cutting essential time for researching and writing your content is not a good strategy for effective marketing. Content marketing works and it is a staple business plan for many companies looking to grow in 2014. However, like most things worth having, content marking is time consuming and difficult.

A content marketing agency has freelance writers available for your company’s writing needs. Hire a ghost writer who can help you produce a strong and authoritative face for your brand. Writers will all kinds of expertise and backgrounds are available at the click of a mouse, able to research the information and important links that will really make your content sing.

Alethea M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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