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My Business is in Boston, not Detroit! Utilize Local Search Marketing for Businesses with Non-Unique Names

December 27th, 2013 by

local search marketing

When someone conducts an online search for your business you want to ensure they find YOUR business, not another business in another city. One of the trickiest parts of local search marketing is ensuring that customers are able to find your business and any information about your business they might be seeking, i.e. business hours, location or contact us page. By using a variety of different search engine and marketing strategies you can be confident that customers will always find your business when searching online.

Utilize Local SEO Terms

If you run a bookstore named “Book Nook,” and you are located in Boston, you should make sure you corner the search engine market when someone searches “Book Nook Boston” through content blogs and a strong landing page. Customers will intuitively include cities or towns in their Google searches, take advantage of this fact.

Get Your Company Listed

Make sure your company is available on Yelp, Google Places, FourSquare, and other social media sites. These sites are frequently used on computers and on mobile devices. Make sure all of your information on these sites are up-to-date as well. If you’ve changed you store hours or location make sure Yelp has the correct information. According to Yelp , as of fall 2013 Yelp was accessed on 11.2 unique mobile devices each month.

Consider Targeted Advertising

Sometimes using Pay-Per-Click campaigns or other advertisement campaigns to link back to your site is useful. When your business’s name is not unique having a Pay-Per-Click campaign means that whenever your site is searched for on Google you’ll be one of the top hits.

Social Media is Key

Having a strong social media presence is huge when trying to get your local business noticed. If you can have people in your town or city following you on Twitter or liking you on Facebook they can get updates about your business, find out about events at your store, and look up any information they need about you without relying on a search engine. This way users know they are getting information about YOUR business, not another business.

Give Your Business a Unique Name!

This is not a practical suggestion for older, established businesses, but if you are still in the process of building your company, naming it something original may be the best way to guarantee your business is

Now that you better understand how utilizing SEO and local search marketing can help your business gain exposure online, you will be able to reach those very important local customers. Your business and these local customers will appreciate how much easier it is to find you online!

Tracy S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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