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Virtual Offices

March 25th, 2014 by

virtual office

The virtual office has lots of benefits. Hours saved commuting. Decrease in company expenses. Boost in employee morale. The motto is to think outside of the walls and create a more meaningful work environment that’s cost effective, flexible and personally satisfying. Sounds great.

We’re all about virtual talent here at WriterAccess. While we may have 10 or so full time employees in our Boston office every day, we represent thousands of freelance professionals that work remotely throughout the USA.

So why not join the virtual movement and send our full-time tribe into cyberspace with virtual technology?

1.)   Customers First. The ebb and flow of the workday needs to be considered.  Supporting thousands of customers and writers is complex. But the fact that most of the support is online helps to make the case and explore the possibilities.

2.)   Employees Second. Training employees how to work remotely is not an easy task. Technology is merely an enabler, not a replacement for face-to-face management tactics that keep the business flowing and orders going.

3.)   Workspace Third. Setting up shop in the middle of your living room creates all kinds of challenges separating work life from home life.

4.)   Tech Tools Last. Finding the right mix of tech tools seems to be a key element for the transition. We have our own CRM at WriterAccess that enables us to see everything that happens in real time. Calls. Demos. Help Desk Tickets. Chats. Revenue. Spend. Revision Requests. Everything. Other tools also need to be considered, like FaceTime, GoToMeeting, Skype, BaseCamp, DropBox and more.

Businesses certainly don’t measure success in square feet. It’s all about delivering great products, service and support with a team that’s energized and mesmerized with freakishly amazing talent.



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