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October 11th, 2012 by
We are deeply shocked and deeply saddened with the recent loss of Wayne Lappas, our fellow team member here at ideaLaunch. Wayne was a young professional and one-of-a-kind individual that blessed us all with so much in the 3 years he worked with us. He started a new venture months ago, with our support and admiration, and quickly attracted clients and momentum to his vision, company and goals. His inspiration and business ideas made their way into some of our core methodology, technology and philosophy. “Wayne’s World” was a phrase that we often used to describe his one-of-a-kind vantage point and keen insight on just about any topic. He quickly earned the title of Go-To for solutions to any challenge. His vast range of professional experience from IBM service sales to Walt Disney character roles perhaps helped to craft his most unique perspective on life. And his delivery was always sincere, respectful and packed with insight, value and most importantly entertainment that inflicted the unusual snicker and smile we all know. Selfishly, Wayne will be sadly missed by all of us. Optimistically, we hope Wayne is now in Wayne’s own World, the place that he surely imagined an engineered in his mind.

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  1. Jane Lewis Brenner says:

    Wayne was such a wonderful person. A friend of my two children for many years. We will all miss him. He had a smile that lit up any place he was in. You should have seen his crazy Halloween costumes. He loved Halloween. Still can’t believe he’s gone. There’s now another angel to watch over all of us. I bet “Wayne’s World” is better than he could ever imagine it.

  2. Byron says:

    Jane, thanks for your kind words.

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