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What I Learned From Fashion Bloggers

February 17th, 2014 by

What I Learned from Fashion BlogsAs a freelance content writer, I read many industry-related blogs. This is the best way to keep up with the latest in SEO, track content marketing techniques and even learn how to write “better.” However, like everyone else, I have outside interests too. I happen to love fashion. While my clothing budget is more Kohl’s and less Saks Fifth Avenue, I do read up on the latest trends and try to keep up with what is new. Fashion bloggers make keeping up with the trends easy. The big fashion blogs have turned into very successful websites. Because of this, I have actually learned some blogging and content writing skills just from paying attention to the most successful fashion blogs. Discover a few of the blogging and content marketing tips I have picked up from the fashion bloggers.

  • A Picture Is a Thousand Words – What would a fashion blog be without attractive pictures? These fashion blogs are not only fun to look because of these images, but the photos can be pinned on Pinterest and shared on Facebook more readily than your average blog post. Fashion bloggers taught me that it is worth taking the time to find the perfect picture. Blogger Emily Weiss’ “Into the Gloss” is a great example of a fashion blog that puts a big emphasis on high-quality, sharable pictures.
  • Layout Counts – There are hundreds of blog themes available free, or if you have design talent, you can customize one yourself. A layout that fits your blog and its purpose will make the entire experience more enjoyable for all visitors. I love the easy-to-navigate layout of Fashion Pulse Daily—and as a marketer I notice there is plenty of space for including ads, social media links and the like.
  • Sometimes Shorter Is Better – A short, easy-to-digest blog post is sometimes the best option. While you don’t want to miss sharing important information because you’re trying to keep it short, there is no need to “waste words” by filling the page just to fill it. Fashion blog posts are generally short, but they convey the key points with concision.
  • Guest Posts Benefit Everyone – Guest posting is huge in the fashion blog world. This is a very useful practice for all types of blogs. If you guest post on another blog, you get exposure and backlinks, and if you allow others to guest post on your blog you get free content and cross traffic—this is a win-win situation! While you may not be able to jump in and guest post on the Vogue blog, many independent blogs do accept guest posting. One of my favorites, “Inside Out Style,” regularly includes guest posts on the blog.

When you want to be the best content writer you can be, you will constantly hone your skills and learn new tricks wherever you can. While some of these lessons will be learned “officially,” many will be learned in the most unexpected places. Maybe next time you’re browsing the web, you’ll keep your eyes open and see what you can glen from your favorite websites, too.

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