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When You Hire an Article Writer

February 12th, 2010 by

articlewriter There are plenty of good reasons to hire an article writer. First and foremost, the articles your new writer contributes expand the searchable database on your website. Google and other search engines have more to discover on your site when users type in the right keywords. More searchable content can lead to higher placement on those search engine. But that reason—as important as it is—isn’t the only one that should convince you to hire an article writer to create SEO optimized content for your site.

One of the most important factors in creating a successful website, retail or otherwise, is trust. You can build trust in any number of ways, but one of the strongest is communicating a sense of permanence on the Internet. You want your readers and shoppers to recognize that your site is a going concern, is active daily, and (most importantly) not going to go away overnight. A good way to do this is to feature a steadily-growing collection of content relevant to the site in the form of articles, blog posts and social media updates connected to them. A site that changes daily is perceived as a healthy, active destination. If you let your website stagnate, it leads people to the mistaken impression that you’re inactive or going out of business.

Your business has a daily set of tasks that must be fulfilled in order to stay afloat. Adding an article writer to the mix does add another daily task to your list with reviewing and posting the content they create; the payoff is greater trust and respectability for your web page. If you doubt the validity of this concept, ask yourself what your own impressions are when you look at pages that have been allowed to sit unattended for more than a day or two. That can go a long way toward helping you make a plan of action for your own sites.

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One Response to “When You Hire an Article Writer”

  1. Scott Yoder says:

    Interesting and certainly true. It is a big job to keep content fresh, so having an article writer can be a huge help. I would add that you gain professional writing talent that can research topics and refine content, as well as an objective voice that can look at your company from a client’s perspective and deliver content that provides the info they are searching for.

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