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Winning in Sports and Business

February 18th, 2014 by

The Olympics are packed with those edgy moments when it’s all on the line. 

In sports, they call it do or die. Photo finish. Pressure cooker. Hail marry. Now or never. The clutch shot. And it’s the crossroad for greatness and loathing that we’ve all experienced at some time in our life.

Some have seized that moment in the 2014 Olympics, like TJ Oshie, Bode Miller, Matt Antoine and many more.  Many more took the wrong turn, experienced the agony of defeat, and now pray for redemption.

In business, they call it “doing your job” but it’s really much more. It starts with the job interview, or shootout, between you and another finalist for the job.  You win. They loose.  You plunge in, and rise to the occasion. You earn go-to status for the impossible projects. When the heat is on, you focus. No distractions, like the snowstorm approaching, or office politics. Just. You. And. The. Challenge.

Success in sports and business are really the same. It’s all about focus, removing the distractions, and acting with a clear mind to achieve the performance goals you demand of yourself from the hard work you’ve endured.

Find the moment, and win. In sports and business.

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