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“Winning” Social Influence

March 31st, 2011 by

As it turns out, measuring your social media influence can be pretty complex. Surprise, surprise, right?

There are a variety of tools around the web that can assist in monitoring your social progress and make an attempt at attaching a figure to it. I took a look at three tools that I’ll outline for you today.


Klout is a paid service, but offers a summary for free. You can type in any registered Twitter name and it will give you a fairly complete summary evaluation of that account. Founder of Klout.com, Joe Fernandez, has high hopes that it will one day become the “Nielsen of Social Media”.

Klout.com determines your Klout score by looking at true reach (the size of your engaged audience), amplification (the likelihood that your content will be acted upon) and network (influence level of your engaged audience).

Just for fun, when I first tested out Klout, I typed in @Charliesheen.  Sheen has a Klout score of 94 (out of 100). That’s a pretty good score.


This is a free service. It provides a layout of your most recent tweets, as well as which tweets gained you followers and which tweets cost you followers.

Let’s use @Charliesheen for example again—we all know he really doesn’t care about who he irritates, so this tool would serve him no purpose. TweetEffect outlines that “In the last 122 updates you lost followers 30 times and got new followers 56 times. Overall you lost 4,032,204 and gained 4,083,384 which means that in total you gained 51,180 followers.”

No matter who you are, this can be beneficial to help determine what you may be doing wrong in gaining the customers’ attention and what you’re doing right, so you can plan accordingly.

Klout, TweetEffect and Twitalyzer all agree that Charlie Sheen is “winning.” But your business won’t be “winning” if you don’t gain the trust of your consumers.


Twitalyzer, offers its three most popular reports for free, among different types of paid subscription options. This free service provides you with an “Impact” score. Impact, as defined by Twitalyzer, is a combination of the following factors: the number of followers a user has, the number of unique references and citations of the user in Twitter, the frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeted, the frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeting other people, and the relative frequency at which the user posts updates. It also provides you with an “Influencer Type,” of which there are five: Everyday Users, Reporters, Social Butterflies, Trendsetters, and Thought Leaders.

Sheen’s Impact score is 70.8% (in the 99.9th percentile) and he’s characterized as a Thought Leader. Charlie Sheen as a thought leader? Really? Eeesh.

These sites can be helpful, but they certainly aren’t the end-all, be-all when it comes to social success. All of the information you gather allows you to make adjustments where needed or perhaps introduce new techniques to garner attention. But take the data you gather from these tools with a grain of salt. It’s hard to measure how well received a comment or post is with tools like these. Emotional and personal reactions are not measured. In fact, I’m willing to bet that a majority of Charlie Sheen’s social success is simply because of people following him to watch the train wreck that he is. Being outrageous is sure to grab attention, but remember that it’s not always the attention you want.

Klout, TweetEffect and Twitalyzer all agree that Charlie Sheen is “winning.” But your business won’t be “winning” if you don’t gain the trust of your consumers. So, definitely use your evaluations for monitoring your output into the world, but don’t allow numbers to be your only resource managing your social networks.

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