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You blink, and it’s over.

February 27th, 2014 by

rocket sledHere’s the think about entrepreneur life. It’s an intense thing.

Imagine taking a ride on one of those old rocket sleds. You know, the ones where your lips come close to detaching from your head and your eyes swell up like pool balls with the G force.

Entrepreneurial life is a lot like that.

With my son now in his first year of college, I’ve been reflecting back on the rocket ship of his youth.  Cape Cod baseball games. Surfing on Nauset beach. Whales breaching 50 feet from the boat. Skiing fresh powder in Vail.  “Dad, can we go to miniature golf tonight?”

You know this. You accept this. You hope you didn’t miss much on the rocket ship.

Technology is the big accelerator for entrepreneurial speed.  In two hours, I can now make 250 phone calls, leaving 230 messages, connecting with 30 people, setting up 10 business opportunity discussions on a scheduled date. Years ago, I’d need 5 sales reps banging out calls for a day to hit those same numbers.

I’ve been luckier than most entrepreneurs that typically have only a 10% chance for success. I’ve had the opportunity to start several successful companies, and work with agencies, clients, freelancers and talented people all over the world. I’ve avoided jockeying for power throughout my career, always head down, making things happen, achieving the goals.

There is a penalty for the type of drive required to maintain all the success. You essentially get pulled up into the belly of the beast, drawn deeper to the work, and further away from the real world of sunset cookouts, hotel room football and yearly family reunions.

You blink, and it’s over. So enjoy every second while you can.


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