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Your Friends Are Lying (About Your Website)

June 28th, 2013 by

web page graderIn the eyes of friends, your favorite jeans look amazing on you, your ex “totally didn’t deserve you” and your website is the next Amazon. People that are close to you don’t want to take shots at the projects you pour your passion into, which makes their opinion a poor starting place to grow your online business. Even glaring mistakes are often glossed over and downplayed to avoid hurting your feelings, leaving you with a falsely inflated opinion of how well your site works for the average customer.

Even if you tap into relative strangers for opinions, the act of asking could skew their responses, as your presence may compel them to answer one way or another. In addition, while they could comment on certain style choices, the average friend or family member won’t have experience with the more technical aspects of website building, such as meta tags or navigation menu setups.

No Horse in the Race

A web page grader uses science and guidelines that are put in place by search engines to determine if your website is up to snuff. Many will also offer suggestions if you’re missing certain components or if your features disagree with one another when it comes to search engine indexing. Unlike the white-lie filters that may hold friends back from telling you that your website is too bare or too busy, a grader will give you an honest assessment of how well you’ve done with structuring your site. A grader program has “no horse in the race,” meaning that it is unaffected by bias andcompletely honest: an attribute that isn’t guaranteed from family and friends.

A To-Do List You Need

If you go to the grocery store with dozens of items in your memory instead of on a list, chances are you’ll forget something by the time you get to the checkout. A successful web page is the combination of many different facets, and attempting to remember and check them all without assistance of some sort is nearly impossible. A web page grader already knows potential trouble areas, and by examining your site for missing pieces, it produces a custom, current to-do list each time it runs. From headers to “about us” pages, a web page grader will take inventory of what you have correctly set up on your site and give you a shopping list for what you don’t. Eric Schonfeld of TechCrunch notes that a popular site grader’s comparison tool clearly shows disparity between a website and its competitors, as well.

A Hardworking Ally

A site grader is always available, even if you’re struck by inspiration at 3 a.m. With the push of a button, you’ll be able to get a full report on your website status and a list of actionable problems to research and repair. A grader program is an excellent final step to any site update, as it will instantly let you know if code has been misplaced or a feature was accidentally deleted in the update.

Whether you’re focusing on a single website or build many in the course of your work, a website grader is your strongest digital tool for assessment success.

Delany M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.


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