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Your Process Determines Your Greatness

March 3rd, 2014 by

diverWith the pressure to deliver results and return on investment for all marketing spend, we’re all scrambling to develop a unique process that “guarantees” results.

Companies chalk up the graphs and charts that illustrate their unique process, packed with interlocking circles and alliterated names for each phase. But in most cases, the promise looks good on paper, but shallow with the results clients demand.

The basic premise is this: Solving marketing problems should involve more process and less chance.

Below are four solutions that companies deploy to align process with results demanded by clients. See which process best defines your company.

Creative Process

Here the creative work alone is the driver for engagement, conversion and success.  Creatives dive in to the clients goals and surface with solutions that WOW.  The client picks the winners. Execution follows, publishing and pushing the campaigns to the right channel at the right time.

Basic Process

Here you’ve documented the problem-solving process that your most capable staff has learned on-the-fly. The focus is on job descriptions, and who does what, when, where and why. It’s all written down, so everyone gets on the same page. KPI’s help to evaluate performance of individuals in accomplishing goals.

Strategic Process

Here the focus is less on who does what, and more on the big picture approach to the problems you solve in the marketplace, and how you do it. Strategic plans are developed and shared with all employees that define the roles, goals and plan to grow for the company. The plans help align team members on the vision of the company, core values required for success, and methods to overcome the obstacles. Here’s the WriterAccess Strategic Plan that I update quarterly.

Proprietary Process

Here you have a defined, proprietary process nobody else has. It’s the secret sauce for your company that delivers results clients demand. It’s repeatable for multiple situations, with trials leaned over the years. You use your pattern matching skills to identify the real issues and problems clients have, finding the shortcuts to solving them. You have insight that no one else has, and ability to articulate the methodology to prospect customers to drive the business, closing deal after deal.

The Problem with Process

The problem with process is process itself.  We all crave freedom and eschew restrictions. Further, we all need to identify personally with our work; it must stem from inside us rather than emerge from an external source. We want to create the solution to problems and own them.  We want to be magicians and rain makers.  We’re not afraid to dive into an empty pool and invent water on the way down.

Businesses don’t seem to be forging process in the workplace.  According to results.com, only 27% of employees have access to the company strategic plans. Only 5% of employees understand the company’s strategy in the market. And 92% of companies do not measure key performance indicators.

Work itself is all about looking for patterns, finding correlation and making connections between cause and results. The learning that comes from this repeated application is the root of process.

What’s your take on process, personally or in your life? I’d love to hear your take on the issue.

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