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Your Social Stamp and Brand

March 1st, 2014 by

brandWhat’s your personal brand in the social sphere?  How do you take yourself to market?  What separates you from the pack? Most importantly, how do your fans and followers perceive you?

The image that you see here is an actual cattle brand from my Mom’s family’s ranch in Texas. It’s one of the oldest ranches in Texas, a registered historic monument, and summer spot for her and her two sisters growing up that fueled many stories and hosted many events.

Branding ourselves professionally and personally is challenging these days. We are what we post, like and share.  And all that takes time. The popularity of all the stuff we post defines who we are, how we are perceived and defines our personal brand in the social sphere.

It’s almost like we’re “stamped” like the cattle with a sizzling brand. Are we popular? What do we share? How often do we post?  Do we neglect our community? Do we support our peers?

Social stamps are not all warm and fuzzy.  Content we publish is often misrepresented, misdirected, misinterpreted, or just plain missed.

The trick is to take charge of your own brand, and be your own fan, follower, and publisher—All IN ONE!


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