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Your Technology is Awesome. But Your Story Sucks. Fix it.

March 19th, 2015 by

snowboarder fail

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that skiers want fresh snow, all the time.


But the effects of global warming around the world have challenged the holy quest for fresh snow. I almost canceled a trip out to Alta Snowbird this year myself, due to lack of snow. I decided to make the trip anyway, and read a great article on the way out in Wired Magazine called Powder Puffer, by Danielle Venton.


Danielle tells the story of how snow making has changed radically in the last few years. She highlighted one company called Snow Logic that has a new snow gun that expectorates winter wonderlands more efficiently. One Vermont resort projects a $235,000 projected savings and a 2.6 million-pound reduction in carbon emmissions by using the product.


It’s a great “little” story in Wired, about 1000 words. Short. Sweet. To the point.


So I looked up the Snow Logic website, to check on the “spin” from their side of the story and how they position their brand.


Here’s the Headline and Lead Copy on the Home Page:


“Redefining Low Energy Snowmaking – From The Ground Up


Snow Logic’s patented Dual Vector® Nozzle Technology redefines low-energy snowmaking. Our unique nucleation system requires 1-1.5kW / 5-8cfm through all STEPS. 

A powerful plume up to 140gpm produces the lowest cost per acre foot of snow in North America. Mobile or fixed; four step & six step guns can be fully customized.


Proudly crafted in the USA”


Unique nucleation system? That sounds scary. Snow Logic sells a product that puts smiles on faces of tens of thousands of skiers and snowboarders, and literally makes the ski world a better place. I don’t know what a powerful plume is, but it does not make me happy or connect with the brand in any way, shape or form. I do dig the Proudly Crafted in the USA, although would like to see “crafted” capitalized.


You’ll see more “tech talk” throughout the site. The gallery section is also disappointing, with virtually no shots of happy skiers or fluffy snow. Instead, it’s guns blasting big piles of snow that don’t look that much “fun” at all, at least for skiers. Even the headlines in the gallery section are a buzz kill,  like “Duel Vector Technology In Action” instead of “Byron and Greg Waist-Deep in Powder Despite No Snow In Days” playing off the dream and solution to the pain point that the product solves.


The good news is that when you combine killer technology with human content marketing, the possibilities are endless for marketing, revenue and sales.


Snow Logic just needs a bit more snow, and a bit less logic.


Sure, it’s easy to be critical, and find fault. It’s much harder to create great content that tells the story that aligns with the brand.


So here’s a great example of the brand Triumph motorcycles to leave you on a good note:


He climbed Everest after breaking his back. He’s ex-millitary. He’s been bitten by snakes and survived parachute failure. Now Bear Grylls faces adventure on the new Tiger 800Cx. Rider-focused technology, 95hp inline-triple engine, electronic traction control, switchable ABS and multiple rider modes for on and off-road feats.


Now that is great writing, storytelling and branding. What do you think? Love to here you thoughts.


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