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Advanced Landing Page Optimization Secrets

The customers who purchased from you or signed up with you are the best source for knowledge on how to motivate the sale. Too often, clients overlook this opportunity to ask them ... read more

Basic Landing Page Design Tips

We hate to be obvious, but you have to be obvious. When you design your landing page, be very obvious about your features. A visitor to your page shouldn’t need a map and a ... read more

Creating Content for Readers

Keep your content marketing presentation easy to scan and read. One way to do this is through the use of bulleted content. Use bullets to highlight key points in your articles and ... read more

Creating Content for the Search Engines

SEO is a complex task because the criteria used to rank sites are secret. The ranking formula used by each search engine is that company’s most valuable intellectual ... read more

How to Achieve Top Listing

Having read Google’s patent several times, it seems clear that in the foreseeable future, quality inbound links will continue to have the most impact on your search engine ... read more

Landing Page Optimization Technology Choices

Formerly known as Offermatica, Omniture has a suite of services that includes testing technology. A pioneer in the multivariate testing space, the technology uses a modified version ... read more

Link Building Strategy

You gotta be cruel to be kind (to your website). When requesting free or paid links from compatible websites, don’t accept the lonely orphan link to your site. ... read more

Optimizing Content

Even though meta keywords are less important now than they were five or ten years ago, you still need them in your site. After all, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of search ... read more

Put Content to Work Creatively

To keep visitors interested and to attract repeat viewers, you need unique content marketing development on your website. Create the kind of content you need and get it to your ... read more

Seasonal Tips

Looking for an influx of visitors or comments? Consider hosting your own Halloween-related contest. Depending on the type of website you run, ask people to submit a picture of their ... read more

SEO Essentials for Writers

The web is filled with plenty of content that is related to search engine optimization (SEO). Searching for phrases such as, “SEO strategies,” “SEO ... read more

Tips for Freelance Writers

Don’t have an identity crisis. According to U.S. employment law, every freelancer is an "independent contractor," or someone who performs a specific service rather ... read more

Tips for Hiring Writers

When in Rome, speak like a Roman. Before you hire profressional freelance writers for your website, make sure they have a firm grasp of the vernacular used in your industry. Make ... read more

Tips for Shopping Cart Abandonment

To date, we have not seen shopping cart abandonment lower as a result of decreasing the number of steps in the checkout process. Instead, we've seen improvement come from cleaning ... read more

Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

Displaying a toll-free phone number on your site confirms that you're open for business. Try placing phone numbers in different positions throughout the site and varying the size of ... read more

Types of Landing Page Tests

Multivariate (or multivariable) testing allows you to test many experiments simultaneously within a single page and identify the impact of each individual change. Images, headlines ... read more

WordVision Tools and Resources

WordVision has several tools that allow you to research keywords related to your domain name. Click on Add Keywords and you'll find all the choices. You can add your own keywords ... read more


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