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At ideaLaunch, we developed a content marketing platform called WriterAccess that makes it easy to find writers, place orders and manage the workflow with (gasp!) built-in planning and performance tools.
Customers: 8,517
Writers: 9,082
Writing Projects: 465,603
Paid to Writers: $6,966,505
Byron's Blog
Founder, CEO, speaker and author Byron White offers his thoughts on business and personal life betterment.
Life is filled with many occasions, some of them formal, some of them simple, and so many of them simply grand. Well written and eloquently delivered toasts can help acknowledge the ... read more
I learned the art of storytelling from a good friend of mine in College—Nigel Bentley. Nigel had a story for everything. And everything was a story. We created many, many ... read more
  I’m back in the saddle after a great trip to Cabo, very excited about this topic that Robert Rose and I developed for the content marketing webinar ... read more
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